Show Down Looms As Nekede Polytechnic Allegedly Hikes SchoolFees To 60k, 70k, 75k,100k

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Prominent Imolites have taken to the social express their grievances with the recent hike in school fees by the management of federal Polytechnic Nekede.
The Imo state media space started boiling imidiately after a prominent broadcaster, Chinomso Uba, made a post comparing the school fees of some state and federal Nigeria.
On his wall, he wrote, “Current school fees of some Federal Polytechnics and State Polytechnics in Nigeria. Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti -N33,000, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun-N33,000, Federal Polytechnic Auchi Edo- N28,000, Federal Polytechnic Offa Kwara-N20,000, Federal Polytechnic B8da Niger-N36,000, Federal Polytechnic Ekowe Bayelsa-N45,000 Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa-N33,000, Federal Polytechnic Uwana Ebonyi-N36,000 Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra-N28,000, Federal Polytechnic Ede Osun- N 32,000, Federal Polytechnic Nekede- 60k, 70k,75k,100k, Enugu State Polytechnic Ezeagu – N26,500, Abia State Polytechnic Aba – N56,000, Lagos State Polytechnic – N38,000, Kwara State Polytechnic – N44,000, Osun Polytechnic- N25,00 Rivers State Polytechnic-N25,000, Imo state Polytechnic- N30,000 I reserve my comments!!!!!”
However, the Imo Breaking News Newspaper could not reach the Rector, or any of the top management staff of the Polytecnic to confirm the claims trending on the social media but will do a detailed job on our next publication.

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